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Blemmyes or Blemmees, also known as Acephali (singular form Acephalus), are a sapient species originating in Ancient Greek legends.


A people of headless men with faces on their torso, later called the Blemmyes, was mistakenly thought by ancient Greek historian Herodotus to dwell on the coast of Lybia, along with the Cynocephals. The name of 'Blemmyes' was added to the legend by Mela and used by Pliny the Younger. Latin compiler Solinus also reported that Blemmyes were born without their facial features, which were born separately and had to be added onto the baby manually.

Various scholars in the Middle-Ages expanded on the Blemmyes' legends, notably claiming that Alexander the Great met a tribe of Blemmyes whose skin was golden, who had long beards that reached their knees; in some versions, he was said to have captured thirty of them to show the world, something he was unable to do because the Blemmyes died during his journey. During this period, Blemmyes were sometimes thought to inhabit Ethiopia or the Andaman Islands.

Overall, Blemmyes are usually presented as sapient but barbaric tribesmen, being notably never shown to wear any clothes at all. In some later literary versions, they were even depicted as aggressive and even cannibalistic.