Boggarts are a fictional sapient species originating in English folklore.


Boggarts are malevolent humanoid creatures, usually described as short and hairy. Some Boggarts live in humans' homes, making them the malicious counterparts of Brownies, as, instead of helping with menial tasks, the Boggart would cause mischief to his unwitting lodgers, such as pulling their bedsheets off them in the night, causing milk to go sour, or even making the family dog go lame.

Another variety of Boggart lives in the countryside, usually inhabiting a burrow at an angle of a road. These Boggarts can cause worse trouble than the household variety, as they are known to frighten horses so as to make them drop their rider, or even to abudct small children. The field Boggarts may possess magical powers; one for instance was buried with a stake through his heart and yet returned to life to harm his murderers even further, in a form that had glowing red eyes.

In the famous folktale of The Farmer and the Boggart, the titular Boggart is not depicted as especially antagonistic; he lived quiety in a patch of land until the Farmer bought it, intending to cultivate it. The angry Boggart complained until the Farmer agreed to share his crop with the Boggart. The duplicitous farmer, however, tricked the Boggart repeatedly so as to keep all the food to himself, until the angry Boggart fled the country forever.


Creatures inspired by the traditional Boggart include:

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