Goblins are a fictional sapient species seen in the novel The Wandering Inn.


Goblins are small humanoids with green skin, red eyes, pointed ears and two rows of sharp, sharklike teeth. Their noses are certainly pointed, but apparently not as much as in popular depictions of them, according to Erin Solstice's observations. The Goblins live in uninhabited areas such as the Flood Plains, organized in small tribes usually governed by a stronger, smarter Chieftain, known as a Hob among Goblins. Goblins reproduce extremely fast and their young mature in a matter of days.

They are very uncivilised, leading to most other sapient races thinking of them more as monsters or pests than as people equal to them. Goblins are able to speak, but only in their language, which is "scratchy, garbled, and sounds vaguely like rocks being tossed into a blender". Aside from goblins themselves, only undead creatures such as a Skeleton can understand it. Goblins can study human languages and understand them, but cannot successfully pronounce them.