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Gryphons, also known as griffins or griffons, are a mythological species originating in Ancient Persian Mythology.


Gryphons are large and majestic creatures with an eagle's head, forelimbs like an eagle's claws, and a lion's body. Gryphons are capable of flight and are proud and solitary creatures associated with gold, who reportedly lay eggs in burrows that contain gold nuggets. Their affiliation with gold also makes them ideal guardians for treasures. In medieval lore, gryphons mate for life, and, if either partner dies, then the other will continue the rest of its life alone, never to search for a new mate. Gryphons usually prey on horses, but if a gryphon mates with a mare, their offspring will be a fertile hybrid called a Hippogriff who flies and runs faster than either of its parents.


Gryphons inspired by the mythological archetype include:

Griffins are the Savannah Biome legendary in disco zoo.