The Horned King is a character featured in the animated fantasy film The Black Cauldron.


Once a fearsome warlord, the Horned King sought to become "a God among mortal men". Using terrible magic to assure his immortality, he turned himself into a tremendously powerful undead with glowing red eyes and large antler-like horns. He eventually determined that he needed an artifact known as the Black Cauldron to finally achieve his master plan, and spent years searching for it, exploring various pathways to locate it, such as Princess Eilonwy's Bauble and the fortune-telling pig Hen Wen. When he finally found it, he attempted to use it to raise an undead army known as the Cauldron Born. However, the Cauldron's power was nullified when Gurgi sacrificed his life by jumping willingly into it. This caused the Cauldron to suck all the power it had extended back into itself; the suction was enough to also draw the Horned King into the artifact, where his body was destroyed and his soul trapped forever.