One-Eyes are a fictional sapient species featured in the animated fantasy film The Thief and the Cobbler.


The One-Eyes are a race of violent, war-oriented barbarians from beyond the Mountains. Bent on mindless destruction, extremely strong and in possession of very advanced war technology, the One-Eyes, led by the Mighty One-Eye, proved a very real threat to the idyllic Golden City, especially after the traitorous chancellor Zigzag revealed the secrets of the City's defence to them. However, they were defeated by Tack the Cobbler and their entire army perished in the destruction of their main war machine.

Male One-Eyes are large, muscular men with a short red beard and purple skin. They possess horns (though some assume these to be actually part of their armour rather than physical features). Female One-Eyes (who are much abused by the dominating male One-Eyes) look rather different, as they have light green skin and long black hair.