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Orcs are a fictional sapient species in the 1980 animated film The Return of the King.


Like their literary counterparts, Orcs were bred from captured Elves by the Dark Lord Melkor to serve as minions for him. After Melkor's defeat, they spread out over the whole of Middle-Earth (while some retreated into strongholds in the Misty Mountains, degenerating into Goblins, but were eventually re-enslaved by Melkor's sucessor, the Dark Lord Sauron. Some orcs had taken a liking to peace at that point, but were little more than slaves, and, even though they lamented it, were forced into combat. Other orcs still roamed the countryside, having become barbaric robbers who lived off what they could steal from travelers.

Physical Appearance[]

The Orcs are mostly human-sized. They have stout bodies with a long neck and a very big head with a wide fanged mouth; they have horns and a catlike nose and eyes. Their skinn is scabby and colored a light grey, and their hair is a darker, bluish tint.